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Referrals and Testimonials

When people leave massage jupiter, our goal is that they walk out feeling much better than when they came in.

Here are some comments from our clients. 

best massage in jupiter fl

"When I first started my PEMF sessions, I was experiencing a ton of all over body pain. I also had insomnia, osteoporosis and a multitude of other health concerns. In addition, my body was sensitive to medicines. I couldn’t even take NSAIDs to get relief. So, when Betz told me about what PEMF could do, I thought it was worth a try. After the very first session, it felt as though my body switched on. I had been in the fight or flight mode for years. So, I was drained. After the third session, I experienced a significant lessening of pain. WOW! This new technology was working for me. Whether you are in chronic pain, experiencing troubling insomnia, or barely functioning because of low blood pressure, PEMF can work for you too!  Also, Kelly, who is on the health team for PEMF, is compassionate, knowledgeable and will make you feel as though you are in a healing sanctuary.”

Deborah W.

best massage in jupiter fl

“I have known Betsy for several years. Betsy is a knowledgeable, credible and skilled masseuse. I have seen Betsy and her massage team over the years for general massage, deep tissue and sports massage. I am a certified trainer and I highly recommend my clients to Massage Jupiter for massage with Betsy or any of her team members. Massage Jupiter is clean and the therapists are professional. Betsy and her team have helped me over the year maintain optimum health.

Josephine Bunn

best massage in jupiter fl

“As a former massage therapist, I knew that my knee problems caused by an auto accident in 1997 would be first and best healed by this non-invasive, non-surgical approach. Being new to this area in 2001, I searched and found Betsy Janik, a sole practitioner and a very knowledgeable therapist. The results were even more than I had hoped for. Betsy also gave me a method to use at home whenever the results of the injury are felt again. It is simple AND always does its magic!

Thank you, Betsy!!“

Beverly Steurer

best massage in jupiter fl

“I recommend Jupiter Massage unreservedly.

My shoulder was painful since surgery for torn rotator cuff and calcification 5 years ago. MRIs don’t reveal any cause, physical therapy gave some relief especially the hands-on part of the sessions. I was referred to Massage Health & Wellness where regular hour-long sessions with Betz Janik have enabled me to have an active lifestyle. As well as walking, I’ve taken up yoga and pickleball.

The differentiator from other masseuses is the therapy knowledge as well as a spa’s relaxation. It’s certainly made a difference for me.“

Bill Olford

best massage in jupiter fl

“I have been an orthopedic surgeon in Palm Beach County for over 20 years. I have treated thousands of patients and have had my fair share of injuries and ailments myself. I met Betsy many years ago as a patient. At the time she was performing massage therapy at a local physical therapy center. It was “love” at first sight, she had tremendous strong hands and a tremendous knowledge of the human anatomy. I have been treating with Betz for over 15 years now and on occasion I have had great massage treatments from her team members who are both talented and professional massage therapists as well. I have also referred many of my patients, family and close friends to Betz, and have heard nothing but great praises and reviews about the wonderful quality of work and the great results. If you have any type of soft tissue issue and you feel like you need a good massage you will not go wrong by calling Massage Jupiter.“

Dr. Chaim Arlosoroff

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