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Massage Jupiter Reviews and Testimonials

“As a former massage therapist, I knew that my knee problems caused by an auto accident in 1997 would be first and best healed by this non-invasive, non-surgical approach. Being new to this area in 2001, I searched and found Betsy Janik, a sole practitioner and a very knowledgeable therapist. The results were even more than I had hoped for. Betsy also gave me a method to use at home whenever the results of the injury are felt again. It is simple AND always does its magic!

Thank you, Betsy!!“
Beverly Steurer

“I have known Betsy for several years. Betsy is a knowledgeable, credible and skilled masseuse. I have seen Betsy and her massage team over the years for general massage, deep tissue and sports massage. I am a certified trainer and I highly recommend my clients to Massage Jupiter for massage with Betsy or any of her team members. Massage Jupiter is clean and the therapists are professional. Betsy and her team have helped me over the year maintain optimum health.“
Josephine Bunn

“I recommend Massage Health & Wellness unreservedly.

My shoulder was painful since surgery for torn rotator cuff and calcification 5 years ago. MRIs don’t reveal any cause, physical therapy gave some relief especially the hands-on part of the sessions. I was referred to Massage Health & Wellness where regular hour long sessions with Betz Janik has enabled me to have an active lifestyle. As well as walking I’ve taken up yoga and pickleball.

The differentiator from other masseuses is the therapy knowledge as well as a spa’s relaxation. It’s certainly made a difference for me.“
Bill Olford

“As a physical therapist I treat patients with orthopedic or neurological conditions effecting their day to day function. Disorders in the muscular and/or myofascial systems are often a cause or effect of many of the conditions I treat. Many of my clients need a recommendation for a massage therapist to address this need. I never recommend a "place" to go for massage because I value my patients and want them to see a massage therapist who I know will value them as a client. Without hesitation, I recommended Karen Curra. Karen is experienced, passionare and capable. If you want a message therapist who will deliver quality and consistency in your treatments, go see Karen.“
Nick Haffey, PT, OCS

“Karen Curra has been my masseuse for 20 years. She is the best. She knows the body; how to cure sore muscles and aching backs. She helped me through a difficult rehab from a series of hip operations. Above all, she is a kind and caring person. I highly recommend her.“
Harvey Barnett

“I have been an orthopedic surgeon in Palm Beach County for over 20 years. I have treated thousands of patients and have had my fair share of injuries and ailments myself. I have met Betsy many years ago as a patient. At the time she was performing massage therapy at a local physical therapy center. It was “love” at first sight, she had tremendous strong hands and a tremendous knowledge of the human anatomy. I have been treating with Betz for over 15 years now and on occasion I have had great massage treatments from her team members who are both talented and professional massage therapists as well. I have also referred many of my patients, family and close friends to Betz, and have heard nothing but great praises and reviews about the wonderful quality of work and the great results. If you have any type of soft tissue issue and you feel like you need a good massage you will not go wrong by calling Massage Jupiter.“
Dr. Chaim Arlosoroff

“The best massage therapy around in the Palm Beach County area!!! This massage team specializes in all types of therapeutic massage. The knowledge they have about the body is tremendous and the work they do is phenomenal. Every time I go into get a massage I always feel that much better coming out. Truly an exceptional experience. The peace of mind knowing that the right people are taking care of you is what is the most comforting. Massage Jupiter is a special place and will always be because of the care and treatment I have received over the years. I attribute my health being so good due to the fact that I have remained a steady client of this business for years. I cannot thank the staff at Massage Jupiter for all they do to help those who are in need of feeling like themselves again!“
-Alec Ceravolo